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Kingdom of Stars

7th Age: Age of Blood & Knowledge Year: 9915 – 10718, 880AC

From the land of the Dark Sun a new power beckons, and with each day their strength grows. They consume those who submit, eradicating those who resist. With none to oppose their might, the circle will be complete, and an ancient age will begin anew.
1000AC there is an earthquake reported in Northern and Southern Ergoth.
The Sekk sweep across the land of Angmoria, the Urdile Ocean, the land of Taladas, and the North Courrain Ocean and in 1030AC arrives on Ansalon.
1032AC clans of Men, Elves, Dwarves, Minotaurs, and others from the invaded lands band to gather to fight off the oddly advanced Sekk (now extinct). The Sekk used a strange magic said to be drawn from nature itself. The Sekk start out dominating the war, yet as they march further across the world more races joined the resistance known as The Clans of Light. The Clans of Light made up of races from Ansalon, Taladas, and Adlatum vow to destroy the Sekk.
1202AC first iron smelting by the clans.
1245AC Adamantine is found on Mt. Nevermind.
1381AC a company size element of clansmen known as the Praetorian Guard led by Captain Rydendow the First was sent to engage a large host of Sekk gathering in Northern Solamnia. They found the Sekk slaying a group of dragons. These elite guards were enraged at the sight of these ancient and noble creatures being slain. The Praetorian Guard charged into the vast Sekk army with such fury that the enemy ranks collapsed before the first swords met. After the battle was won the dragons were so amazed by the clansmen’s spirit that they bestowed a mighty gift. Each dragon imbued a savior with the gift of Draconic Heritage.
1402AC the Holy Order is founded.
1406AC Dwarves discover Mithral in the Kharolis Mountains of Qualinesti.
1485AC Rydendow discovers the art of Blood Magic.
1669AC the Tower of Stars appears before Rydendow and Sentinel by Daltigoth. The two venture into the tower and meet with the master of the tower. Then the tower vanishes.
1676AC the Sekk are repelled from Ansalon and the clans begin to create a class based civilization known as the Kingdom of Stars. Although the clans live great distances from each other they are determined to spread their way of life and influence across the globe.

“So long as we stand, and we fight, and we never surrender; so long as we shine bright, victory will ultimately be ours.”
– Darvek Rydendow the First, High King of the Kingdom of Stars

“Too many have died just to free ourselves from the Krug (Sekk), our Kingdom must now spread and rid the world of the Krug (Sekk) and any others that would do us harm. We will, with the knowledge contained in the Tower of Stars go forth and begin to rebuild this world. And then elevate it to a never before seen level of peace, unity, architecture, magic, and knowledge.”
- Sentinel the First, Elven King of Ansalon

“From this day forth this world will never forget the Kingdom of Stars! Nor those that spread its influence across the entire globe! Remember these days well for when you tell your children of these great days they will tell theirs, and so forth for the rest of the ages of this world. Because these days will be remembered as the most crucial time, of the greatest age that will ever be known!”
- Jor’gar, Human King of Ansalon

“Be hearty young lads, there is much peril in this world and the Krug (Sekk) still live! Go forth spread word of our great Kingdom and bury your axe in those that would do us harm. This is our time and we will make the ages of this world know it!”
- Berthel Brightblade, Dwarven, High Thane of Thoradin

“I am giving you this charge. You will now go forth under the banner of the Kingdom of Stars and march to the edges of this world! You will spread our influence like a fire that will wash across the surface this globe! This fire will bring warmth to those that seek peace and enlightenment, but this fire will also annihilate those that appose us! So go now to the four corners and let nothing hinder you!”
- Great Mother (Holy Order of the Stars)

8th Age: Age of the Kingdom of Stars Year: 10719 – 13660, 1683AC

1683AC, 0-KoS: the Kingdom of Stars is founded. The Tower of Stars re-appears. The Tower’s Master gifts to the Kingdom of Stars 5600 cubits² of maps, scrolls, and magical items that he saved and procured from the time just prior to the World Cataclysm. With this vast new information the Kingdom of Stars along with some help from the Tower’s Master sets out to rebuild all of the great ancient lost structures.
1683AC 3rd Reorxmont: Thia is born
1685AC marks the first use of steel.
1687AC construction begins on the great city of Palanthas.

1690AC 1ST Gileadai of Reorxmont (Micah’s KoS, 2011-2013)

1690AC the 2nd Sol of Reorxmont the Sekk are repelled from Adlatum.
1690AC the Sekk are repelled from Taladas
1691AC the Sekk are repelled from Golarion
1691AC the Sekk are repelled from Dragon Isles
1690AC the Sekk are repelled from Ithin’carthia
1692AC the Sekk are repelled from Angmoria

1697AC 4th Nuindai of Corij KoS 14, The Legion of Darkness’s portal on the land of the Dark Sun is closed, Kastial and Lovash die.
The kingdom grows to encompass the entire planet. It is said that the sun never set for the Kingdom of Stars, and finally brings prosperity & knowledge to all races that inhabit this world. Adventurers travel the globe on great quests for the Kingdom of Stars.



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